100+ Military Terms Translated

One of the largest lists of military jargon translated into phrases that civilians will understand. Get the tactical list that you can quickly implement


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Many times, what a transitioning program doesn’t provide is how to really connect verbally and in written form with the civilian world. Your cheat sheet is perfect for anyone working on their resume, writing a cover letter, or conducting either a virtual or in-person interview. Your sheet allows a transitioning military member to translate military-speak to civilian language.

— James (Slim) Beamon

Retired Air Force Colonol

Senior Instructor Cyber-Security, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma

Meet Cassie.

The founder and CEO of Career Confidence Resume Writing Services, Cassie is dedicated to helping military service members transition into the civilian workforce. Cassie has been working with the military for the last 6 years working with as Military-to-Civilian Transition Resume Writer. She was the 2019 Q4 winner of the “Modernize Your Resume” Contest for a Military Executive Resume.

Career Confidence helps clients showcase their unique military experience and translate military jargon into a language that civilians can understand to ensure they stand out among other candidates. Her team has worked with both enlisted and officers from every military branch and across a wide range of Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

When Cassie isn't using her magic touch writing resume she's raising two little girls (3 & 1) with her husband and
managing a 40-acre "farm" in central Colorado with two little girls, 20+ chickens 🐔, six goats 🐐, three pigs 🐖, two dogs 🐕 and a year-round garden 🌱.

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